RV West

I’m a regular contributor to RV West, for the Food on Fire column.

West-jet Magazine

“How to plan an ultimate family trip” – You can lose track of how many times you’ve been to Hawaii. I have. But, after vacationing on five of the islands, Maui remains my favourite, with the most memorable visit to that verdant island having been a whole-family affair. Continue article.

My Viva Plan

Curious people are able to enjoy more of life, including vacation. Curiosity while travelling is the difference between having a pleasant experience and having an interesting experience. Curiosity requires you notice Parisian Café chairs are set side-by-side, facing the street. The passing parade is the entertainment. It makes you ask, why? And when you experience this, it leads to more curious things. Did you encounter anyone local in Paris who wasn’t wearing a gorgeous scarf? Continue article.



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