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Welcome to My Blog:  

I created this platform to share my continual amazement with magical bits of our world and slivers of life, and strive to make my writing reflect those slivers and bits. 

My goal is to amuse you, and sometimes make you laugh out loud,

to shine a light where shadows exist, to stir emotion, motivate action, think laterally, and to encourage you to experience life more fully through stories told in photographs and pictures painted in words.  

And, to maybe inspire you to think about things in your world in a new way.

When not writing, I work with a Global Fortune 500, leading a team of incredibly talented people to deliver the nearly impossible to our customers doing important work.  I travel nearly full time as a result of this engagement, and part time for leisure, and scribble pictures and snap stories for my own pleasure and hopefully yours. I live in the city of St. Albert in Alberta, Canada with my lovely wife, Saskatchewan-born farm girl, Kathy and Gordon Setter, Rigby.

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You can reach me here or at timothy@timothydfowler.ca


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