Why I make pictures

Why I make pictures

It is quiet in here: reverberating world going completely silent. I focus through the viewfinder. I see, nothing, spare the image being captured.

Stresses and strains vaporize, vanish.

My breathing slows and deepens. The light dances and shimmers, stacking up up pixels and magic.

Pictures and Stories

Pictures and Stories

When I was a kid with a manual Pentax K1000 I spent my hard earned dollars on Fujichrome and professional processing. It was miraculous to me then as it is now. The residue from those popping colors direct my digital processing goals today.

I am still inspired by Freeman Patterson’s ‘Photography And The Art of Seeing’ who opened my eyes to point of view; Ansel Adams epic natural light and strategic intent; and, most recently Wyman Meinzer with spectacular outdoor photography.

Pictures are captured moments in time; the truffle oil, pure vanilla and demi-glace of the photographers kitchen, the very essence of life distilled in a split second. Pungent Flavours of people and places to serve up on the platter for life.

Dinner is served, eat up, enjoy! And please come back for more.




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