If you were to tell me to go fly a kite, I would…on Molokai.  

Big Wind Kite Factory, Molokai, hand made kites

Big Wind Kite Factory, Molokai, hand made kites


I would fly fantastic handmade colorful kites on pacific breezes in warm Hawaiian sunshine.  Kites are free unlimited admission to return to carefree grade school summer vacations. School’s out, summer’s here.  Kites go up.  I consumed a good portion of my childhood wishing for autonomy.  Adults had autonomy (yes I knew this word as a child).  They had money to buy whatever they wanted, decided so many things: what to eat, where to go, who gets what for this and that. I am a happy adult, having been one for some time now. But, there are times I yearn to return to decision-free days of no real responsibility.


Kites are magic, they transport me back to the happiest times for me as a child.   

As a child I thought, ‘When I get to be an adult, I am going to buy kites.’  

Today I bought two: one for me, and one for my granddaughter. Colorful hand made kites made on Molokai.

What would life be like if you could be a child again for a day?  A week?  Who could do that?

Jonathan can.  

He is that person 7 parts child, 3 parts adult.  If it wasn’t for that fantastic wizard like beard – you would think Jonathan was a man-sized child, you can’t get one of those when your 100% child.  The other parts reflect his ability to see the world as a child does, magical, colorful, easy, and timeless.  Jonathan lives on Molokai, like full time summer vacation. He plays with kites. And for 30 plus years he has figured out how to fund the adult necessities of life while living as a happy child.  The business model is pretty simple: start with a childlike perspective on kites, help us make our own kites, and fly them expertly.

Jonathan sports a fantastic beard.  The only way to know he is not in fact a child.

Jonathan sports a fantastic beard. The only way to know he is not in fact a child.

Kites simplify life.  

A single string attached to a simple kite, clear blue sky and a light breeze focuses your attention at the other end of the string.  As this happens all of the challenging parts of your adult life evaporate.  The life noise is dialed back to inaudible whisper, replaced with the snapping of kite fabric in the breeze.  All of a sudden, you are a child again.

Jonathan and Daphne own and operate the kite factory in Molokai, and have since 1980. That’s a great run.  You can find him at the kite shop in Maunaloa on Molokai. Pick up a great kite on e way to the beach.  

I’m going to fly my kite now.

Passport to Childhood

Passport to Childhood


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